The Environment

The original Water Pollution Control Facility, now known as the San Elijo Water Reclamation Facility (SEWRF), was originally commissioned as a means to clean the increasingly polluted San Elijo Lagoon. Our mission then was to provide wastewater treatment to restore the coastal environment to a healthy state. Today, the SEJPA is committed to providing liquid waste management and water treatment services in a manner that promotes environmental health and community sustainability.

The wastewater treatment and water reclamation processes used at the SEWRF to remove and treat contaminants mimic natural processes. At the SEWRF, however, these processes occur at a much faster pace than is found in nature and reduce contaminants in the community waste stream to levels acceptable to Federal, State, and Local Agencies. Once the wastewater is treated, it is returned to the ocean or further treated and used for approved irrigation purposes.

To ensure that the contaminant levels set by Federal, State, and Local Agencies do not have adverse environmental impacts, the SEJPA closely monitors the coastal environment through sampling, observations, and testing of ocean flora, fauna, sediment, and water. This monitoring establishes a baseline for coastal health and helps identify abnormal concentrations of contaminants and the effects of such contaminants. SEJPA sampling occurs at numerous sites along the coast. To see the shore sampling sites, go to Operations, Shore Sampling Sites.