Water Reclamation

Since 2000, the San Elijo Water Reclamation Facility has successfully provided over 1,200 acre-feet of recycled water annually for landscaping, golf courses and industry to the City of Del Mar, the San Dieguito Water District and the Santa Fe Irrigation District. Among those using San Elijo recycled water are the Encinitas Ranch Golf Course, Santa Fe Golf Club, Del Mar Racetrack & Fairgrounds, Quail Botanical Gardens and CalTrans, as well as various homeowners associations and school districts.

Water reclamation and recycling are very important in the arid San Diego environment, which relies heavily on imported water from the Colorado River and Northern California. While numerous projects are underway in the County to be less reliant on imported water, using recycled water for non-drinking purposes will help us conserve and extend our precious drinking water supply.

Recycled water is distributed through a system of purple pipes, which are completely separate from the drinking water system. It is clean, clear and safe! In fact, no health related incidents have ever been linked to the use of recycled water.

More Information

To learn more about recycled water in our community, click here to download a printable flyer (PDF).

To learn more about the San Elijo Water Reclamation Facility, click here to download a printable flyer (PDF).